Time and Labor Management
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EBC HR & Payroll Solutions, Inc. offers user-friendly and affordable time and attendance systems to manage your workforce.

The total hours and pay types generated in the system download directly into our payroll software, saving valuable time compiling, transposing, and transmitting payroll data. For many of our customers, the time savings and elimination of employee “time theft” resulting from manual processes pays for the time and attendance services.

We offer customizable solutions for your time and attendance software and/or hardware needs for time clock management, etc.. Our experienced staff provides onsite implementation and training to ensure a seamless and hassle-free integration and responsive ongoing support. We boast a wide range of time clocks, time clock supplies, and time and attendance systems to meet every business need, including Swipe Clock, Attendance on Demand and UKG Ready Time and Labor Management.

Mobile Options

Mobile Options

Mobile accessibility gives employees quick and easy access to their information, including their schedule and pay data. If enabled, employees can view their schedule, punch in and out with geofencing via GPS coordinates, change cost centers or labor transfer, submit timesheets or punch edits, view accrual balances, request time-off, swap shifts, and more.

Time And Attendance Solutions


Automatically generate smart schedules based on your requirements, including union or collective bargaining agreements, availability, certifications, and more.

Time And Labor Reporting


Robust reporting allows managers to see their labor usage and manage the schedule accordingly. Increase productivity, make proactive decisions, and manage compliance risks with insights from analytics.

Time Off Accrual

Time Off Accruals

Tracking time-off accruals manually can be a tedious and error-prone process. Automation eliminates manual errors; supports fair policy enforcement; and gives employees and managers instant visibility into current status to streamline time-off requests and approvals. With one-stop access to detailed accrual information managers can make fast, informed decisions that effectively balance employee requests with coverage requirements.



As labor laws become increasingly complex and require documented proof of compliance, accurate time and labor management is more critical than ever. Simplify and streamline adherence with state, local, union, and other policies to minimize compliance risk.

Absence And Leave2

Absence and Leave

Employee absence can have an enormous impact on your organization affecting costs, productivity and even morale. Consistent absence and leave policy enforcement eliminates risk for litigation and non-compliance with local, state, federal, and organizational policies and regulations.

Time Clock Terminals

Payroll Time Clocks and Terminals

We have payroll time clocks available in both web based and physical terminals. Our Time and Attendance Solutions deliver the latest in cloud-based punch and time card services supporting a wide range of clocks and featuring a mobile app with geofencing that allows employees to clock in, check schedules, and request time off.

Why do all employers (including small businesses) need a time clock?

10 employee company with employees making $15.00/hr saving 5 minutes of time a day using electronic timekeeping vs paper/handwritten timesheets = $3,250 annual savings

  • Accountability
  • Compliance
  • Accuracy
  • Save Time
  • Save Money

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